The Cultural Soul Project is a new church in Portland, Oregon dedicated to addressing the needs of People of Color in inner city urban America.

Reimagining the church to meet the needs of People of Color who have been shaped by life on the margins.


"I envision a society where People of Color in inner city urban America can live lives of meaning, being, and purpose."

Dr. Daymond Glenn
Founder, President, CEO, and Sr. Pastor

Why This Church Matters

“In an era of church anxiety, we need a space where People of Color can breathe, learn, and engage. I have asserted for many years now that a Hip-Hop theology offers that space. Dr. Glenn has created just that. Hip-Hop culture provides deep spiritual roots, and it’s high time we move into a relevant and culturally appropriate Christianity.”

Dr. Daniel White Hodge
Professor of Intercultural Communication at North Park University

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