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At The Cultural Soul Project, we provide keynote presentations, lectures, workshops, trainings, panel discussions, and sermons about the transformative work of the church, the theological, intellectual, and philosophical underpinnings of the church, and a reimagined understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the church, workplace, school, or society. We can also customize and tailor our Consulting Services to meet the specific needs of an organization or institution.

Examples of topics include:

Critical Hip-Hop Studies: Hope, Possibility, and Resistance

This talk will discuss how hip-hop culture can offer sites of hope, possibility, and resistance against the social and structural marginalization that Black males face in inner-city urban America.

A Theological Remix: Exploring the Intersections of Race, Faith, Hip-Hop, and Justice

Using a critical hip-hop framework, this talk will focus on what race, faith, hip-hop, and justice all have in common once they are coopted and commodified by the mainstream.

DAMN be HUMBLE: Addressing the Flaws in Secular and Theological Responses to Injustice

This talk will use the clarion call from rapper and modern day philosopher, Kendrick Lamar, to discuss the flaws in secular and theological responses to injustice and what we can do about it.

Reimagining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Schools, Society, Churches or the Workplace

This workshop will focus on how a strategic approach to diversity that is focused on organizational change and transforming institutional culture can create a climate that is inclusive and equitable for everyone.

Relational Dynamics: Power and Friendship

Through storytelling and analysis, this session will highlight the negotiation of power, race, collegiality, friendship, and professional development between a Black senior administrator and a White campus pastor who was supervised by the Black senior administrator at a predominantly White faith based institution.

Customization and Tailoring of Consulting Services

The Cultural Soul Project is able to customize and tailor Consulting Services to meet the needs of an Institution or Organization.

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